How much for an 1830 Book of Mormon?

As a collector of rare and antique editions of the Book of Mormon, I often get the question of “How much is an 1830 Book of Mormon worth?”

To review, 5000 copies were originally published for $3000, or about 60 cents each. Of the original 5000 copies of the 1830 Book of Mormon, it is estimated that roughly 500 to 1000 remain. This is an approximation because these copies are mostly in the hands of private collectors and some have yet to be found in attics!

Because of the historicity of the Book of Mormon and the relatively few number, a copy of the 1830 Book of Mormon will likely sell for between $60,000 and $100,000. Indeed, the Book of Mormon has proven to be a quality investment in recent years. For example, in 1997, a first edition (1830) Book of Mormon sold by Sotheby’s auction house fetched $32,200, which was far more than expected at the time.

However, copies of the 1830 Book of Mormon can also sell for considerably higher if there is particular historical value. In 2007, for example, a first edition signed by the early LDS Apostle Orson Pratt was sold for $180,000!

Because of the high prices, many collectors opt to purchase a page from an original Book of Mormon. Pages are typically sold when the book is incomplete and in poor condition. In 2005, however, one owner of an 1830 Book of Mormon chose to sell her ocpy off page by page. As a collector, I considered this to be a poor choice, especially since the pages were being sold for thousands of dollars each.

Do you want a page from an 1830 Book of Mormon? If so, you’re better off to keep your eye on eBay. Myself, I purchased a page for approximately $250–it is a neat piece of history to have.

At any rate, most of us will never own an 1830 Book of Mormon. However, you can purchase a replica from Deseret Book for less than $20, or other replicas are also being made available through other companies. Watch the video for an example of an 1830 replica.

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